Unseen Silkscreens at ArtSpring

Unseen Silkscreens at ArtSpring
Salt Spring’s Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art presented the show: Unseen Silkscreens: Sampson-Matthews and Canada’s Visual Identity at Artspring. (today’s is the last day of the show)

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In a visually similar setting, “The first Group of Seven exhibition a the Art Gallery of Toronto, in May 1920, was the birthplace of the vibrant Canadian art industry…”

Toronto 1920

from McMichael Canadian Art Collection Archives

ArtSpring in black and white:
b&w version

The Hunter

Saltspring eagle by John Cameron

This eagle, seen on Saltspring’s western shore this week, has its air brakes on and its prey in sight.

Dance Performance at ArtSpring

GISS Dance at ArtSpring

Another Gulf Islands Secondary arts production at ArtSpring. This time it’s the dance students from Sonia Langer’s classes. They made me laugh several times with their antics and attitude. It was great to see boys out there again this year as they add energy and variety to the performance.

A huge number of students took the stage last night and will again one more time tonight.