These daffodils were purchased at the Salt Spring Market on Saturday from Ambledale Farms and are sharing their sunny smiles around our home. Also purchased: bread from Heather (The Bread Lady) of course!

The Long Moment

The Long Moment

Another Sunday Experiment

There’s a magic in the unrelenting motion of waves on a long, flat ocean beach. It stays with you and calls you back from your inland home.

Salt Spring Island is technically on the west coast, but not the real open coast you find on Vancouver Island and the US western coastline. Fortunately the west coast can be reached in half a day, and that’s something many of us are driven to do at least once or twice a year. We can’t help it…

In an effort to absorb the experience, it almost seems necessary to stand on the hard wet sand, eyes closed and listen to the crash of the distant breaking waves and the murmur of the water as it advances up the beach. Then walk some more and repeat.

This photo is an attempt to capture that experience. The peaceful dawn above promised another clear, clam day with distant low fog banks. The long exposure (16 seconds) hints at the never-ending wave action.

But wait! For a limited time, there’s more photos of this area! Why not head over to johncameron.ca and have a look.

photo info: Leica M, ISO 200,  f/4,  16 sec,  50mm Summilux

Spring Runoff

Creekside Rainforest, Salt Spring Island

Spring runoff west of the bridge in the Creekside Rainforest

photo info: Leica M, ISO 200,  f/16.0,  8 sec,  21mm