Spring Runoff

Creekside Rainforest, Salt Spring Island

Spring runoff west of the bridge in the Creekside Rainforest

photo info: Leica M, ISO 200,  f/16.0,  8 sec,  21mm


Cannon Beach Sunset

Salt Spring Photos is escaping on a road trip this week so there will most likely be a short program interruption. Regular programming is scheduled to resume March 16.

SD64 Improv at ArtSpring

SD64 Improv at ArtSpring


The improvisors were at it for the last time this school year. At ArtSpring. The kids had a great time. And the audience had a great time. FUN show SD64!

Here while improvising a scene, the students were engaged in a steal-the-hat game.

SD64 Improv at ArtSpring

People ask for tech info on the photos from time to time; I sometimes add this information if the situation is unusual.
In the fast moving yet low light of theatre, a camera/lens combination that can focus very quickly at a high ISO (film speed or ASA in the old days) and still produce a clean image is essential to capture movement. As always it comes down to ISO, aperture, and shutter speed right. In this case I needed to stop horizontal and unpredictable motion so 1/500 sec for the shutter speed. A couple of feet of depth of focus needed, so f/2.0 and that required an ISO of 3200.

photo info: Canon 1DX, ISO 3200,  f/2.0,  1/500 sec,  35mm (no noise reduction applied to the images)