The Image

Full Frame Edited Dancer

Long time readers will know that for the last eight years my business cause has been the performing arts at Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS) and the Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts (GISPA) at GISS. Incredibly talented ‘kids’ and amazing staff. Aina’s finished at GISS but we managed to get in a portfolio shoot before she headed off to Spain this week.

The photo above is a processed image (the digital equivalent of darkroom and printing).

On Stage

This is a cropped version; in the version above I found the far right bump of the dress distracting. And a square-like crop more dynamic and engaging. In addition to the crop, this version has been further processed as a black and white image. In the days of film, each film had a ‘look’. This image has been processed to emulate the look of Fuji Neopan ACROS 100; grain and all.

Below is a closer look, a 100 percent view on the monitor and shows the detail that would be seen on a print about 30 inches square.

Close Up

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photo info: Leica M, ISO 200,  f/4,  1/180 sec,  75mm Apo-Summicron ASPH