Many Ways of Seeing

Alders in Winter

In the flat blue light of a cold, overcast day I came across a scene of Alder trees along the edge of a frozen pond. There was incredible detail to be captured in all the branches. After a few edits, I settled on black and white to ‘focus’ attention on the details. And cropped the image to show just the trees. This looks fantastic on a thirty inch screen.


Here’s the full image:

Winter Alders by a Pond

Morning Rays

Morning Rays

As seen on our morning dog-walk route. Low cloud or fog was rolling up the hillside and, as the sun peeked out from behind a cloud, the rays appeared. It was all over in a matter of seconds.

This photo was taken with an iPhone 6. The easy ‘touch interface’ of the iPhone made the shot possible. Odd that digital cameras have yet to implement such a quick and easy interface. (so far only the Leica T gives us this glimpse into the future of the camera interface)

GISS Improv on Wednesday

GISS Improv

The is the fast thinking Gulf Islands Secondary Improv Team. They’ve got a show coming up at ArtSpring Theatre this Wednesday called Home for the Holidays. The audience will be treated to the usual hilarity, but this time with appearances from Improv Past, Improv Present, and Improv Future  :-)

By the way the team jean jacket—hey they’re not a motorcycle gang—says WENN SCHON DENN SCHON. Which I believe translates to something like: go all out, or go whole hog.