Two Sided View

Two Sides of Fernwood Pier 2

One of Salt Spring Island’s Two-Sided Views

Lots of places have a two-sided view; we’ve seen them before in the last six years of Salt Spring Photos.

It’s easy to get ‘focused’ on what is directly in front of you. But it’s always important to take a look behind as well; in this case a couple fishing on the dock, away from the sunset, and with a fabulous pastel sky to the east.

Two Sides of Fernwood Pier 1

And, while musing, I might as well add the following:

Sunrise views are often better before the sun actually rises. And sunsets are often better after the sun sets. Yet most people, arrive for the actual sunrise and most people tend to  leave immediately after the sun sets.

The sky at sunset this day was mostly grey. A few people who came to the pier to view the sunset and take a few photos left disappointed the minute the sun set. They saw neither the beautiful west sky nor the beautiful east sky.

River Beauty

Low River Water July, 2015

Still cool, gorgeous and green in a nearby river. A place to be during this drought.
Can you have a drought in a temperate rainforest?

Update July 3, 11 am:

Apparently the answer is yes. It’s official:

VICTORIA – Responding to dry conditions, the Government of B.C. has announced a Level 4 drought rating for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, and taken the additional action of suspending angling in streams and rivers throughout southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands due to ongoing low stream flows and warming water temperatures.
…more info at the govt. website.