One Year Ago

One year ago, the world looked very different on Salt Spring Island. So don’t take those snow tires off just yet (that’s presuming you actually put them on…)

Here’s the post from one year ago today:


Snow on Salt Spring Island Feb 23, 2014

Yesterday snow was coming down and gently painting the world white. We sat around the fire, watched the Olympics and pretended it was a snow day.

Today, in our neck of the woods it’s a real live snow day with almost 30 cm of the heavy stuff, trees bending and occasional power fluctuations. Love it—a gold medal weather day!

Snow on Salt Spring Island Feb 23, 2014

Gulf Islands Triptych

Gulf Islands Triptych

Three images which show part of the view from a south Salt Spring ‘cottage’ were commissioned last fall and will soon hang in the client’s home.

The images will be printed in high resolution black and white, likely 24 x 16 inches each, and mounted on aluminum (as imagined above) for a crisp aesthetic as the dominant feature of a main living area.

A fourth image (also part of the view), taken just after sunset with Swartz Bay and Sidney in the foreground and extending to Mount Rainier, was also provided.

(here is the center image, quickly converted to black and white)

Gulf Island View John Cameron


On a somewhat related note:
Congratulations to a pair of daily viewers from the Seattle area who have recently hung a beautifully framed, limited edition print of ‘Sunrise Swans’ in their lovely home. Thanks for supporting!

Sign of the Season on Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Lamb

Cameron found this playmate at the veterinarian’s farm yesterday.

* update:
Thought I’d share this comment received via private email this morning, “Now you blew it! : > )  One day after Chinese New Years year of the sheep, you missed a great joke.  And what’s with this dispute about whether its the year of the sheep or year of the goat?  Both seem mentioned on wiki.  Anyway for Salt Spring, either could not be more appropriate. Happy New Year John”