River Beauty

Low River Water July, 2015

Still cool, gorgeous and green in a nearby river. A place to be during this drought.
Can you have a drought in a temperate rainforest?

Update July 3, 11 am:

Apparently the answer is yes. It’s official:

VICTORIA – Responding to dry conditions, the Government of B.C. has announced a Level 4 drought rating for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, and taken the additional action of suspending angling in streams and rivers throughout southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands due to ongoing low stream flows and warming water temperatures.
…more info at the govt. website.

On the Wall

On the Wall

We finally ordered our own prints. They arrived yesterday so I got them on the wall and grabbed a quick iPhone photo.

These two form a stunning diptych; a view from Mount Tuam. The full set contains four images and currently resides on a client’s wall in Edmonton. But in our compact home I felt the middle two prints work best. And it was the only place where we had four feet of clear wall space.

The images were converted to black and white and printed on a true black and white, glossy archival paper. The print was then flush mounted on aluminum Dibond backing and sprayed with a protective matte finish. The finished product is clean, very light and simple to hang.

Unfortunately you just can’t get the true impression of the detail present, but the two images below might help (particularly if you are viewing on a ‘retina’ display — a modern high resolution screen) as this website now serves up higher resolution images if it detects an applicable display.

This set of two is available in any size to fit your space. Contact me if you are interested.

Mount Tuam View

Mount Tuam View

Summer Sojourn

Four Wheel Camper Fleet on the Gulf Islands

Happy Summer 2015

With summer comes holidays and travel. And this summer there’s going to be a lot of it—on road and off—for the Salt Spring Photos team. The focus will continue to be on photos of Salt Spring Island.

But we expect there’ll also be a “heapin’ helpin'” of favourite photos taken while exploring the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and, hopefully, beyond. There’ll quite possibly be the odd day or two where we’ll be out of range, off the grid, and out of touch with the digital world. So don’t worry if a day or two go by without a fresh photo on this website. We’ll be back!

***AND for the few hundreds of you who are on the daily email list there’s a change. Your email notice from Salt Spring Photos will now be coming once a week. Yup, you read that right. I highly encourage you to visit saltspringphotos.com once per day to view the latest photo. Perhaps make a bookmark in your internet browser. In the weekly email will be a link that takes you to directly to the last seven issues of Salt Spring Photos.  (Want to try it now? Just click here: saltspringphotos.com/blog )

If you’re not on the email list and want to be, simply sign up at the bottom of this website page.

Four Wheel Camper

Oh, one more thing. Above is the ‘Salt Spring Photos Mobile Research Vehicle’. It’s a Four Wheel Camper (Fleet model that fits our wee Toyota Tacoma like a glove). And it’s doing its thing here on Mortimer Spit on the Pender Islands. You can find out more about this pop-up camper at the Canada or USA sites.