Front Yard Deer

Front Yard Deer

A bit of Mano a mano in our front yard.

Many years ago, when we moved to Salt Spring Island, the deer here were, well laughable. The size of a dog. And not healthy looking. Umm…not so much in 2014.

Iconic Salt Spring View

Toward Vancouver Island and Sansum Narrows

4:45 pm
Certainly one of the iconic Salt Spring Island scenes. We’re looking from Salt Spring southward towards Sansum Narrows. That’s Salt Spring on the left and Vancouver Island to the right (west). Maple Bay is tucked in around the western point. A recent photo of the day was also looking towards Maple Bay but from Mount Maxwell.

The vapour trails in the sky show the paths of flights from Vancouver Airport heading toward the USA and beyond.

(This scene is faithfully portrayed on a colour balanced monitor. The post-sunset colours are what was seen at the time the image was captured. I say this only because of the disturbing trend toward ‘over-photoshopped’ images we see on the web and on TV.)

photo info: Leica M, ISO 200,  f/16,  1/6 sec,  75mm Summicron