SHIFT at Mahon Hall

Earlier this summer, Barbra Edwards and Fiona Duthie teamed to create the exhibition SHIFT exploring layers of perspective at Mahon Hall. It was an intriguing combination of fabric art and painting. Paintings and dresses were paired to work together…and they did. Clever show…a bit of New York on Salt Spring.


SHIFT 2014

International Education Video

Gulf Islands International Program Video

Just released: a promotional piece for the International Education program in the Gulf Islands School District. Produced with former GISS student and now Vancouver videographer, Eric Peterson. There’s a nice look at the area, the school (GISS), and the kids; and about 160 of my photos. About 3 and one half minutes.

Click on the image above (or here) to view in HD on Vimeo. Depending on your screen size, you many want to use the full screen button.

* this post was scheduled to publish on the first day of school; unfortunately that’s no longer happening today, September 2nd.