Shootout Win

1 GISS Soccer Shootout Win

I’m not a fan of shootouts to determine a winner in a game. Too much stress all around. And I’m sure glad I’m not the goal keeper in a soccer shootout.

In this senior high school game the game ended in 1 – 1 tie. And the shootout went on a long, long time.

The photo above shows the local team racing toward their keeper after the shootout save that ended the game.

From my vantage point above and behind the goal, I noticed what I assume are senior girls. It was fun to watch their faces with each shot during the shootout. The two photos below describe the final two shots from each team:

2 GISS Soccer Shootout Win

3 GISS Soccer Shootout Win


Girl in Tree in Park with Phone

1:10 pm United Church Meadow

In the heart of the village,  a girl perches in a quiet spot to talk on her phone.

I think this image documents a moment in 2014, and may be equally interesting to view years from now.

photo info: Leica M, ISO 400,  f/1.4,  1/1000sec,  50mm Summilux

Autumn Morning, Ganges

Ganges Morning in the Autumn Fog


8:30 am Ganges, on Salt Spring Island

“There’s always something to see down here.”, said one of the local fixtures on his way by. True enough. And this was an interesting foggy scene before the sun made an appearance throughout the clouds and on the water. The addition of the sun was icing on the cake.

This is not a ‘coloured’ black & white conversion, sepia, or otherwise processed image. This is a colour image right out of the camera (Leica M) as shot and, I believe, exactly the way it looked.

photo info: Leica M, ISO 200,  f/4,  1/750 sec,  75mm