Greenhouse Dog

GISS Greenhouse Puppy

This little guy was hanging out all day near the Gulf Islands Secondary garden and greenhouse with Chef Kilner. Not sure if he was there for the ‘Official Grand Opening of the GISS Garden and Greenhouse’ on Earth Day. If he was, he slept through most of it!

Easter Art Tour

Easter Art Tour 2014

Part of the stage area at Mahon Hall in Ganges. The eighth annual Easter Art Tour started here.

The Stefanie Denz oil on panel ‘Tennis Court’ at the far right measures 48 x 80 inches. ($8500)

The Western Red Cedar sculptures are by Steven Stairs. The closest, and middle piece, is titled ‘Watcher’. ($1800)

GISPA Vintage Suitcases

GISPA Vintage Suitcases

GISPA Vintage Suitcases

An odd thing to see in a high school classroom.
GISPA is clearly getting ready for their 2014 show, May 14 to 15 at ArtSpring. But what’s going on with the vintage suitcases?
All will be revealed in time, stay tuned.

GISPA is the Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts. It’s a school within Gulf Islands Secondary on Salt Spring Island. This unique school combines advanced technical and artistic training and collective creation.

Students of GISPA are given a unique opportunity. Together, we work on creating an original collective project between all three of our strands: Acting, Music and Dance. This means that our students work together, creating original music, choreography and scene-work geared towards a final year-end production. Collective creation aims to blend all of our strengths into a sleek, powerful performance through which our innovation and skill can shine.

It’s my pleasure to not only work around these talented and energetic young people but to support them as my business cause.

Spring Beetles

Spring Beetles on Salt Spring Island

2pm Ganges

Two spring Beetles get together at Centennial Park

No sooner had I grabbed this quick shot than the driver of the dirtier VW started up and pulled away. I didn’t notice a driver in the car because of the tinted windows. Looks like she has just finished one more gulp of coffee and is about to beetle off somewhere.