Loonie Price

Gas Price on Salt Spring

Derek’s filling up a variety of containers on a wonderfully purple morning. This is actually the sunrise.

Gas has regularly been about 4 cents per litre more than in the Duncan area, though it dropped to 98.9 the afternoon I made this image. Not too many years ago Salt Spring Island was home to the most expensive gas in Canada.

Waiting for the Firemen

Photography Exhibit

While photographing the dress rehearsal of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the other evening, there was a wee delay due to some pyrotechnics experimentation, an ensuing fire alarm and a wait for the fire folk. I was able to busy myself by capturing a redundant photo of the photo show.

Coming Through

Nairn Howe Tournament 2015

Gulf Islands Scorpions take on Carihi High (Campbell River) in a nail-biter; exciting to the last second. Nairn Howe would have enjoyed this game!

The Gulf Islands player (in yellow) did score on this play.

Behind the scenes:
Getting and choosing a fast moving sport is not as simple as you might think. Part of it is being ready, knowing the game, and anticipating what might happen next. So, knowing what and when to shoot. Then learning to use what most people would say was a crazy expensive camera—one that can keep the players in focus and shoot at a high enough frame rate to capture the peak action. In the screen grab below of six consecutive images, I started shooting when the player started to jump (it was very fast moving action and crowded; I could sense something was going to happen!) Sometimes one, but normally 2 or three frames will get me the peak action. Here it took six because the player made it through the crowd and got the shot. This all happened in…0.5 seconds. In the end I felt the 4th image was the most visually interesting.
jc_bball_series of 6


In the photo below, gravity is about to take over…

Nairn Howe Tournament at GISS

GISS Music Show Rehearsal

GISS Music Show rehearsal

The Gulf Islands Secondary Music Program was at ArtSpring Theatre yesterday for a tech/dress rehearsal.
The place was packed with talent. The student above has a most incredible voice and seems completely comfortable moving from instrument to instrument.

Tonight they’ll wow a sold out audience.