Privacy Screen

Artist Behind Privacy Screen

In a busy classroom with 25 peers jammed into in one room, it makes sense for this young artist to incorporate a privacy screen from time to time.
By the way, the sticker on her shirt says, “Super Job”.

Solar Panel Installation at GISS

Solar Panel Installation in Progress at GISS

Gulf Islands Secondary, on the Gym roof

84 solar panels will soon cover this roof.
Note the flat panels: two sheets of tempered glass with the solar voltaic cell layer in between. A svelte solar sandwich.
Find our more about the project and how it ties into the GISS Solar Scholarship.

A few recent photos illustrate how the solar array is being constructed:




Windy Day

Windy day on the dock

Some of the SaltSpring Air crew ham it up during a sunny break at the dock Thursday. Despite the apparent shenanigans, wind gusts actually reached a serious 70 kilometers per hour on the dock. Only one umbrella was harmed (but was later revived).
The mascots were comfortably disinterested in the whole thing.

Wise Man

Looking Back

There are divided perceptions on whether this area is a road or a parking lot.

Purvis Lane—I had to look up the name—has parking areas on both sides through the downtown core.
Or, if you prefer, Purvis lane runs through the middle of two parking areas.
Or, perhaps, Purvis lane is both the entrance and the exit to the parking areas downtown!
No matter how you slice it, driving and walking in the area are challenging and no place to be using those handheld electronic devices.

In the photo above we see what is clearly a local, acutely aware that he’s taking both his and a dog’s life in his hands. He’s on foot, travelling from one parking lot, across the road and into another parking lot. Intrepid.