Making a Walkway from Nothing

Ganges Harbour Walkway 2

2:15 pm at the head of Ganges Harbour
Once upon a time there was to be a continuous boardwalk, (away from traffic) from the Ganges waterfront past this area.
But that’s a political story someone else can tell.

When I happened by, work was paused, presumably waiting for more giant retaining wall blocks.
The scale of which is seen better from the bottom of the wall:

Ganges Harbour Walkway 1

Info for photographers:
These crisp photos were taken with a tiny camera that fits in a pants pocket.
(Ricoh GR)

Quick, Fill Up!

Gas Giggles

Before the price goes up again.

For a while there, the local CO-OP gas station was having a hard time keeping up with the rocketing price increases on Vancouver Island.
They’ve pretty much got the heck of it now.

Some years back Salt Spring Island was known for having the highest gas prices in Canada.

Big Buddy

GISS Peer Tutor
Salt Spring Elementary School

Amongst the mayhem and madness of a late afternoon art project in an elementary school classroom…a lovely moment between a young student and a high school peer tutor. The capable and motivated older student had just demonstrated a technique to the younger student…who’s completely focused on giving it a try.

SSE Kids at work


Pink Shirt Day

February 25th is Anti Bullying Day, (AKA Pink Shirt Day in these parts). And all of us here at, while not normally attired in pink, are certainly behind the movement which started in Nova Scotia in 2007.