Game of Pickup

High School Student Joins In

Salt Spring Market, August long weekend

It was great to see a Gulf Islands Secondary student just walk up and seamlessly join this high-powered group. Within minutes they had the entire market walkway blocked. Lots of toe-tapping and shutter snapping. Such a Saltspring moment.

*thanks to Ben for making room at his Saltspring Fruitsicle stand so I could see!

Salt Spring Roadblock

How’s Your Mileage?

International 7300 on Salt Spring

Man scooters by an unusual Salt Spring sight

This customized International 7300, visiting from Oregon, was carefully not parked downtown during the long weekend. Good plan.

The vehicle was produced from 2004 to 2008, is a diesel 4×4 and weighs twice as much as the original giant Hummer.

I like the colour.