Big Buddy

GISS Peer Tutor
Salt Spring Elementary School

Amongst the mayhem and madness of a late afternoon art project in an elementary school classroom…a lovely moment between a young student and a high school peer tutor. The capable and motivated older student had just demonstrated a technique to the younger student…who’s completely focused on giving it a try.

SSE Kids at work


Pink Shirt Day

February 25th is Anti Bullying Day, (AKA Pink Shirt Day in these parts). And all of us here at, while not normally attired in pink, are certainly behind the movement which started in Nova Scotia in 2007.


Oreo Cows

Yesterday I stumbled up this photo from way, way back while looking for images for a client. They are of course on Night Owl Farm, along the Fulford-Ganges superhighway. And of course they are often called ‘Oreo Cows’. But they are Belted Galloways and may be offended by being called Oreos.

And you wouldn’t want to be too offensive:

Oreo Cows

The black part of them looks a lot like the Black Angus my Dad had in Ontario. I wonder where the white oreo filling came from?


The Audience

A full house audience loves what they see in one of Gulf Island Secondary’s end-of-semester shows. Exams run this week and the second semester begins February 10.

*note: there’s something new coming tomorrow on SaltSpringPhotos—be sure to check it out!

photo info: Leica M, ISO 6400,  f/1.4,  1/30 sec,  50mm