Chocolate Island Outhouse

Chocolate Island Outhouse

And there it sits. A spectacular little hand crafted outhouse. On Chocolate Island in Ganges Harbour. With a fabulous western view of the shell beach and islands into Ganges. Who knew?
(iPhone photo)

Update, June 27 from Roz:

Yes, it was built by Micah Booy. He spends a lot of time on Third Sister Island, & became disgusted by the way people pooped all over the place, especially as the island is private, but the owner, instead of putting up No Trespassing signs, lets everyone go there, hang out on Chocolate Beach, & walk along the path that goes from one end of the island to the other. To thank him, Micah decided to remedy the situation, &, with considerable effort, dug a hole, & built that exquisite outhouse.
First, he asked my husband, Patrick, who has built several outhouses on the island with those distinctive proportions, if he could use his design. (Mica is a friend of Patrick’s son). When Patrick first saw what Micah had done, he said, “He has surpassed the master!”


  1. says

    Oh, how I love the story behind the outhouse! Micah is of my daughter’s generation, and it is so heartwarming to hear of such an outstanding mindful act embodied is such a lovely piece of functional art. merci!

  2. says

    Just a note: The outhouse is on Third Sister Island. There are 3 islands in the Ganges harbour called the Three Sisters: First, Second & Third. The beach on Third Sister is called Chocolate Beach.
    Thanks jc for your wonderful photo of the day; there’s always something to look forward to in our inbox now.

    • admin says

      Right. Thanks Roz. We take for granted everyone knows about Salt Spring locations. Third Sister is a popular place for tourists and locals alike. It’s a west facing shell beach, a destination for sunset kayak trips from Ganges, a short powerboat ride from the marinas, and a decent spot to anchor a sailboat overnight. (Check your charts and tides!)

  3. Bob Townsend says

    Mica outdid Patrick on the building of the hand-crafted outhouse on Third Sister Island (Chocolate Island). Good to see a problem fixed. Good to see positive progress. The sign of a good teacher is when the student progresses beyond the teacher; when the learner outdoes the mentor. Congratulations to all, including my “bro” who does not post “No Trespassing” signs.