Working under a Full Moon

A tug works under a full moon near Pender Islands

photo info: Canon 1DX, ISO 800,  f/4,  1/40 sec,  420mm (300mm f/2.8 with 1.4 teleconverter)


  1. Jeanette says

    That is a stunning photo John, I have a favorite memory of crossing Hecate Strait with a full moon lighting the way, so powerfully beautiful!

  2. Gayle says

    John, When I look at this beautiful photo, I can immediately see in my mind how that artist in Tofino, Roy Henry Vickers, would translate this into one of his paintings using shadow images in the moon and the sky. No idea how, even with the specifications you have shared, it’s possible to get the moon that sharp as well as everything else so it’s better to just let that go and just enjoy the beauty.

  3. says

    Yes, it would be fun to put an eagle into that moon, but only painters are allowed to do that.
    re: boat and moon in focus
    The boat is a long way away, far enough that, in focus terms, it’s at infinity. As is the moon. So they are both ‘in focus’.
    Thanks for you comments as always.

  4. Beth and Dave Soukup says

    Wow, what an evocative image.

    We hope to see you and Nicki when we meet Micheila and Bill in Ganges July 17-20th. Hope to have you down to the boat for appies and drinks if you’re around…

    Can’t tell you how much we enjoy beginning each day reveling in your work and talent. Thank you, John.

    • says

      Thanks Stefan. By the way I see fine work whenever I visit your photo of the day site.

      (visit Stefan’s site in Haninge, Sweden by clicking on his name above)